About us

In our secluded cats only environment we provide a stress-free stay in a friendly and secure atmosphere. All our guests receive the individual attention they need, as can be seen from the many repeat stays we have from satisfied customers. Our high standards of care, security and hygiene will ensure that your pets come home to you happy and contented. Some of the benefits of Paddock House Cattery are;

  • Established 20 years
  • Managed by experienced staff
  • Recommended by local vets/catteries
  • Superb purpose-built cattery
  • Large heated chalets
  • 24 hour supervision
  • Family chalets available


When we decided to build Paddock House Cattery we took the good advice local vets, The Feline Advisory Bureau and the Environmental Health Department to build what we consider the best environment for your cats.  We have two styles of chalets, double , which suits a family of two cats and family, which caters for a family of up to four cats.  All chalets have a 2ft gap between them to allow a good air flow and a sneeze / infection barrier between all cats. They are insulated to retain the heat in the winter and stay cool in the summer.

Pictures/ video to be added.